Beginnings: Shady Pharmaceiea

In 1996, a licensed professional pharmacist created one of the most admired cosmetics companies in the industry. With years of sharpened expertise in cosmetics under her belt, she started Shady Pharmaceiea – a result of her passion in providing high quality skin care products and services for skin care clinics and dermatologists.

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Committed to Excellence

Passion turned into a mission, and so Shady Pharmaceiea became Shady Cosmetique Laboratory. In order to provide more customized and targeted orders, a new laboratory equipped with international-grade machines and a team of professionals were established. The latest international studies became the basis for developing the best formulations for various skin types and skin problems, aided by research on the best ingredients and innovation used around the world.

Since then, the company became a leading manufacturer for skin care experts and clinics, offering new products, formulations, custom compounding services, and treatment trainings.


Birth of Solutions

A growing need to better understand and provide for their customers inspired Shadylab to venture into retail. 2017 saw the birth of its new flagship brand, Solutions. The name encapsulates the company’s commitment in providing only the best solutions for any and every skin problem by using top-of-the-line ingredients and current international studies in developing its formulas.

Leading the Charge in Skin Care Revolution

The company currently caters to dermatology clinics, spa owners, pharmacies, and individual sellers. It distributes high-quality generic products to dermatologists and produces creams, lotions, and solutions for facial salons and aestheticians. It has remained a leader in creating top-grade, customizable skin products that have been recognized by both dermatology experts and aestheticians as truly world-class.

With Solutions, the company is set to lead the way towards a better future for the skin care industry. Watch out for our latest innovations. View our latest retail products in our shop (to shop page) or have your very own formulations made with our custom compounding (to custom compound page) services.

Shadylab Innovation Corporation is a duly licensed cosmetics manufacturer under the Bureau of Food of the Philippines.